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Richard and Janine Mason

Superstar Consultant


My Story

What is a life that is scented look like?


I met the love of my life just after 7 days of moving to Florida. I was working 3+ jobs at the time that I started and was able to RETIRE from two of them -thank you SCENTSY! I have always heard of and seen Scentsy at friends or family’s homes and the amazing quality, craftmanship, as well as the extreme variety and amazing scents. One of the most important things though was the safety of our products! We decided to become members of the Scentsy team because being outside the home so much was so much stress to our family, so we wanted to be a part of something that would be a fun and relaxing. But we never thought that a simple decision would turn into a lifelong career decision

So here’s the thing. Rick decided to purchase our kit. He was like here is something you can do, and I’ll help you as you go. But I was not salesgirl, I don’t know anyone, what am I going to do with this. I could not be successful at Direct Sales cause I have never done anything like this before. But Rick stood beside me, pushed me, and gave me hope and encouragement that I could be my own business owner. Rick had used Scentsy before, loved the products, but still even with him pushing me to be the best, I still did not think I could run a business let alone a Scentsy Business. Once we got our kit, we realized that sharing Scentsy was not only fun, but it was darn right EXCITING! Both of us couldn’t make enough samples, couldn’t do enough parties, or even local events. We shared this opportunity with just about everyone we came and have come in contact with. We are both so thankful for each other and doing this business together. We sometimes have to pick each other up from time to time, but we know without each other’s support, we could never have come this far and built what we have as well as WaxSlingers would have never been created, and so many lives would not be changing including our own and our teams. Something I am always transparent about is our dream and mission. It is not about MONEY. I mean Scentsy has helped us dramatically in that department. But what we believe is that the universe put us here, built this business. And uses us daily to share this opportunity and bless their lives. No matter what it does for them be financial, personal relationships or for them to just have something of their very own. We want to help everyone on the exciting adventure. Our team TRULY IS AMAZING, and it continues to grow EVERY DAY.

We also are so fortunate to be parents to 3 amazing children. One of them being Autistic. Our lives are always busy from events, to concerts, to school functions but we would not change a single thing about it. The best part is the ability for us to always be there. To be able to spend that quality time with them and their events and show that we are always there to support them. When Rick was working 3+ jobs he was never home, had no days off, and now well that has all changed for us. But there is more than just income to be had, we are able to earn some amazing trips, and they are FREE.

We strong believe that the universe is doing some amazing things with us and team members through Scentsy and we continued to be amazed at how much and often the blessings keep on coming. We have made so many memories and milestones, but the greatest one to date is the day that we promoted to a Lead. Just 4 months into this business! To just reflect back we started selling Scentsy just because we wanted to get some amazing and good smelling products in our home to now providing a second source of income for us. It just blows our mind away. WE have but one single regret. WHY DID WE WAIT SO LONG? But you don’t have to have our regret, you can CHOSE TO DO IT NOW. Choose your Freedom. Do not let someone else tell you how to live your dreams or theirs. Stop missing all those events of your kids because you are stuck at the JUST OVER BROKE (JOB). How we see it is simple, all you have to lose is 99 dollars and you have a unlimited income to gain. What’s the last thing you spent $99 on that paid you BACK over and over?!

We are actively looking for NEW PEOPLE TO mentor, train, develop, bless and lastly ADD to our WaxSlingers Family! We have a huge amount of support behind us and we would love to help you get started on this journey. Our company believes in quality products with quality service which is exactly what my goal is with every addition added to our team. Are ready to change your life and be your own boss? Then this is the perfect business for you! What are you waiting for? Don't be like us and wish you joined sooner! Its only $99 to join, which includes your starter kit and a free website for 3 months. Plus being your OWN BOSS? LIKE SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! HELLLOOOO!!! If you are interested in joining my team please click on the link below to get started, I will contact you with the rest!

If you would like to host a party to earn FREE & Half off Scentsy register below to get your party scheduled or contact me!

We are looking forward to introducing you to all Scentsy has to offer and having you love it as much as we do!

With excitement blessings and love,
Rick and Janine Mason

Independent Scentsy Lead Consultants